Melissa Berry Appleton has been a student of yoga for over 20 years. She received extensive teacher training in both yoga and meditation. Currently, Melissa is in Buddhist Chaplaincy Training at Upaya Zen Centre, New Mexico under the study of Roshi Joan Halifax.


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Kelowna, British Columbia

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The Practice of Yoga and Meditation provide an opportunity to slow down, notice that time is precious, expression of love matters, and experience how all of life is truly interwoven.  Through movement and stillness, we work beyond language to shift our own habits and support the outer world in endless ways.  Melissa's classes invite people to explore inner landscapes of the body, outer landscapes of the world, compassion, creativity, wise alignment, and breath. Both yoga and meditation practices are strong, gentle, and accessible in the same way we might want our lives to be.


After many years of yoga practice, I finally learned to sit down and be still. Today I keep study and practice company with Michael Stone in heart, Everyday Zen's Norman Fischer, and am currently enrolled in Buddhist Chaplaincy Training Program at Upaya Zen Centre under the study of Roshi Joan Halifax.  I am a student of Zen Buddhism and the surrounding world. I love and take refuge in the good company of a socially engaged modern Buddhist and Yoga community.

My ordination as a Buddhist Chaplain is just around the corner.  It's not the end of something, it's the beginning.  So fresh and new!  How will I serve this beautiful world going forward each day?




Explore how alignment, breathing, balancing, stretching and strengthening provide the ideal opportunity to apply Buddhist meditation techniques to experience your mind, bring awareness to habits, and open your heart. Melissa guides you in both movement and stillness practices, as well as offers dharma and poetry readings. Each class encourages gentleness of breath, attention to alignment, creative movement, relationship to the ground and the process of gravity.

Melissa offers a variety of ways to enter practice by teaching series in yoga studios, wilderness settings, corporate settings, and beautiful retreat centres. She is leading two public classes each week at Modo Yoga Kelowna on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday mornings. Private sessions are available for those who want to work further beyond what is offered in drop in classes. Guidance is offered to early teachers upon request in the practice of dana.


Yoga & Meditation Retreat with Melissa & Suniti Dernovsek

January 23-30, 2021
Nosara, Costa Rica


Yoga, Meditation Retreat with Melissa & Brian Dean Williams

January 16-23, 2021

Nosara, Costa Rica


Yoga & Meditation Retreat with Melissa & Brian Dean Williams

October 16-23rd, 2021 Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal