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Explore how alignment, breathing, balancing, stretching and strengthening provide the ideal opportunity to apply Buddhist meditation techniques to experience your mind, bring awareness to habits, and open your heart. Melissa guides you in both movement and stillness practices, as well as offers dharma and poetry readings. Each class encourages gentleness of breath, attention to alignment, creative movement, relationship to the ground and the process of gravity.

Fall Practice Session 
The Domestic Monastery 
Home Studio

5-week session

Sept 27 - October 25th, 2023

Wednesdays 7-8 am


Formal Meditation Practice in the Spirit of Zen

 Wednesdays mornings.

All props provided.

Registration by donation at 

Chaplaincy Care


One to one time gently exploring one or a few practices of stillness, breathing, walking, simple movement, inquiry and deep listening from a warm heart and Chaplain's ears.

By donation ~

Gathering for regular group practice is a modern form of shared community collective. Through movement and stillness of the group, we support one and other in subtle, intimate and profound ways, working beyond language, shifting patterns, habits and supporting the outer world in endless ways. For our hearts, minds, bodies, children, lovers, family, friends, community, art, environment, politic, and world.  Every sentient being on earth.


I offer a variety of ways to enter practice by teaching series in yoga studios, wilderness settings, corporate settings, and beautiful retreat centres.

  • Fall & Spring Meditation Training & Practice Series

  • Spirit of Zen Meditation Retreats, Stowel Lake Farm, Salt Spring Island

  • Affiliate Practitioner, The Breathe Network for Survivors of Sexual Assault

  • Ethical Engagement Educator, The Lab of Meditation Training Vancouver

  • Compassion Training, Third Space Charity

  • Chaplain in residence, Internship Educator, Third Space Counselling & Charity

  • Buddhist Chaplain, University of British Columbia Okanagan Multi-faith Centre

  • Visiting education Chaplain, Kelowna General Hospital


Third Space Charity runs an incredible internship program for University Masters graduates  of Social Work and Clinical Counselling Programs.

Thursday afternoons we gather to explore the balance between the work of a clinician, personal care and community engagement.



Join a virtual community

gathering once a month. Guided movement, meditation practice & dharma story exploring what it means to live by vow.  An exploration of Buddhist precepts, Yogic Yamas, and an ethical life.  Often knowns as the very foundation of meditation practice and a great way to stay connected and dive deeper after retreats and workshops.

Pre-registered 12 month series. Offered by Dana.

Offered every other year.

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