The Practice of Yoga and Meditation provide an opportunity to slow down, notice that time is precious, expression of love matters, and experience how all of life is truly interwoven.  Through movement and stillness, we work beyond language to shift our own habits and support the outer world in endless ways.  My classes invite people to explore inner landscapes of the body, outer landscapes of the world, compassion, creativity, wise alignment, and breath. I offer yoga and meditation practices that are strong, gentle, and accessible in the same way we might want our lives to be.

I am a Buddhist Chaplain trained at Upaya Zen Centre, student of Roshi Joan Halifax and lay-ordained in the Soto Zen Prajna Mountain Order.  I also practice with Norman Fischer from Everyday Zen and am a member of the Mountain Rain Zen Centre, Vancouver.   Chaplaincy guides me to consider how I might come along side the ways people suffer, while supporting the restoration of goodness in bodies, heart/mind, and world.  My current work explores The Domestic Monastery, community life, ritual/ceremony, cultural anxiety, trauma, addiction, consumption of information technology, time, and the greater impact on the future of our world.  How does self-care and spiritual formation serve as a collective 'we care' ultimately unfolding our greatest aspirations for parenting, partnership, intimacy, ecological connection, meaningful work, and influence on generations moving forward.


I teach two yoga classes at MODO Kelowna each week and specialize in workshops and retreats in Canada and Internationally.  Most recently, I accepted a position as Chaplain in Residence with Third Space Charity and Counselling to support UBC students and graduate Interns from the Masters of Social Work Program. As you might have guessed, I love the art of collaboration and have the honour of working with amazing community leaders, Buddhist Practitioners, Clinical Counsellors, Yoga & Movement Specialists, and Wilderness Guides.

I am married, have three teens, a big black lab and a home tucked into the woods with chores that are never complete.  I used to work as a Music & Recreation Therapist and Addiction Counsellor, but then everything changed.  Everything is still shifting and moving today.

Passionate work projects include:

  • Chaplain in residence, Third Space Counselling & Charity

  • Coping with Covid-19 Practices for Stability & Resilience, Canadian Dentists.

  • Supporting Resilience - Meditation & Movement for Front-line workers, Shift Education.

  • Affiliate Practitioner, The Breath Network for Survivors of Sexual Assault.

  • Ethical Engagement Educator, The Lab of Meditation Teacher Training.

  • Annual Meditation & Yoga/Movement Retreat, Costa Rica

  • Annual Meditation & Yoga/Movement Retreat, Portugal

  • Almost Silent Retreats, British Columbia Retreat Centres. 

  • Chaplain Residency, Somatic Movement, Karis Addiction Recovery Centre for Women

  • Dharma-Inspired Wilderness Expeditions for Teens

  • Mindfulness & Compassion Training.

  • 8-week Meditation Series, Body as a Resource Buddha Mind

  • 8-week Metta Practices for our 21st Century world.

  • Addiction Recovery Retreats, Shift Education & ENSO Society


2000 + Hours Buddhist Chaplaincy Training - Upaya Zen Centre - Roshi Joan Halifax

Batchelor of Music Therapy 

Graduate Diploma, Human Resource Management

Masters of Divinity Candidate

Secular Buddhist Studies - Stephen Batchelor

1000 + Hours Silent Meditation Retreat -  Soto Zen Sesshin

Advanced Trauma Informed Mindfulness - David Treleaven

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training - Michael Stone

200 Hour Meditation Teacher Training - Michael Stone

500 Hour Anusara Teacher Training - Karen Sprute Francovich, Michael Siddal, John Friend, Desire Rumbaugh, Sianna Sherman, Paul Muller Ortega, Douglas Brooks.

100 Hour Yoga Therapeutics - Ross Rayburn

100 Hour Restorative Teacher Training - Judith Hanson Lasater

100 Hours Trauma Informed Training - The Breathe Network