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Body As A Resource Buddha Mind

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Mindfulness Meditation Training & Practice

6-Week Series

October/November 2019

Modo Yoga Kelowna

Registration Opens September 1, 2019

This meditation practice is for people who are:

  • ready to commit to a daily meditation practice or already have a daily practice

  • who have some experience but need support to sit every day

  • working with stress, self-care, rest and nervous system regulation.

  • who wish to practice in the company of others

  • who have never tried to meditate at all and are curious

  • those who appreciate practicing movement/yoga before sitting still

Explore how alignment, breathing, balancing, stretching and strengthening provide the ideal opportunity to apply Buddhist meditation techniques to experience your mind, bring awareness to habits, and open your heart. Melissa guides you in both movement and stillness (meditation) practices, as well as offers dharma and poetry readings. Each class encourages gentleness of breath, attention to alignment, creative movement, and explorations on inhabiting a body.


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