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Embodied Heart

Yoga & Meditation Retreat with Melissa & Suniti Dernovsek

January 23-30, 2021

AHKí Retreat

Nosara, Costa Rica


This is Melissa & Suniti's second retreat at Ahki.  There was so much creativity and belly laughter the first time, they just had to come together again.

Join Melissa and Suniti on a vacation retreat in Costa Rica, where we will seek to awaken and investigate the span of the heart and elemental body.  Together we will examine what it’s like to feel and get close to our own experience.  We will do so by engaging in a series of practices that encourage us to enter a dialogue with our bodies.  Through movement and stillness, creativity and form, we will explore those places where we experience freedom.  We will also guide our attention to those places that get parked, stuck or rigid, inviting greater openness and elasticity.

The incredible landscape that envelops Ahki Retreat Center in Nosara has a beautiful way of penetrating and awakening the human senses.  The gentle wind, slow pace, kind people, warm sun, lapping ocean, fresh fruit and nutritious food encourage us to enter an enlivened state of perception and connection.


Melissa and Suniti began working together when they led the first annual ENSO Zen Hike with Michael Stone in 2017.  A new Dharma-Sister friendship was found and they continue to explore working together in varying forms.  Melissa has been travelling with her family to Nosara, Costa Rica for 14 years and is excited to share this experience with Suniti and you -

Inclusivity Melissa and Suniti are dedicated to continuously work towards inclusivity.  We take care to build safety in the best way possible.  This retreat welcomes race, religious and gender diversity.  Please reach out to discuss if you have questions.


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